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Planning and Strategy

Day Trading–3 Strategies

When PCs became a reality in the average household, personal investing and day trading became a possibility for millions of people.  A lot of people have done well performing their own stock investments.  Fewer have experienced success with day trading.  However, there are people who make an excellent living day trading. Day trading is a risky and stressful form of trading that involved … [Read More...]

Penny Stocks

Penny Stock Strategies – They Don’t Follow Tradition

After the mortgage blowout and resulting economic fallout of 2008 and subsequent years, a lot of money formerly available for trading has disappeared. This has become a great time to pick up undervalued stocks, including those that are labelled penny stocks. You can pick up many of these small cap and micro-cap companies at a very heavy discount. Penny stocks trade at less than $5 per share, … [Read More...]

Pennies Stacked

Easy Entry Into Penny Stocks and Day Trading

If picking penny stocks was easy, everyone would be rich right?  Well, that’s kind of a half-truth.  The fact is that many people are making a good living or even just making enough to pay for their children’s college education.  These days, that is like making a second income.  Here are some darn good reasons to consider day trading as a reliable and affordable method of making money … [Read More...]

Penny Pyramid

Penny Stock Investing

This advice is going to cost you money.  The good news is that you can always make more money. What I’m proposing is something not for the faint of heart.  The goal of this post is to teach you all you need to know about penny stock investing. This instruction is for people who are new to trading and have a curiosity about trading penny stocks. It is not intended for people making oodles of … [Read More...]

Day Trading WordCloud

Day Trading

Let’s face it.  Day trading isn’t for everyone.  Frankly, it’s not even investing. Investing involves more than a few hours or minutes holding a stock. That doesn’t mean day trading isn’t without some form of analysis. It’s just that the analysis period is very short, say less than 12 hours. That may make you think of a day trader as a gambler. Gambler or Investor? Gambling is … [Read More...]

How To Invest

Stock Market: What you Need to Know

In a nutshell, the stock market works this way – companies need capital for expansion, either because they want to increase their operation or they’re looking to more lucrative prospects. Either way, they can do this in two ways, either by borrowing in the form of corporate bonds which they can sell to people or buy listing themselves in the stock market by issuing stocks. What happens when … [Read More...]

Learn The Ropes of Investing

Learn the Ropes of Stock Market

In recent times, the global recession has put the stock market on shaky grounds. The substantial decline that many investors have felt during these trying times made the would-be shareholders to rethink their decision in investing in the stock market. But while this financial catastrophe has led myriads of companies to file for bankruptcy, it should not stop you from investing because the stock … [Read More...]

Stock Market Tracking

A Good Investment Strategy: Pick What You Know

Any publicly listed company's stocks can be traded, meaning that pretty well every possible business sector is represented in the stock market. This means there are a wide variety of different stocks available to invest in, knowing where to start can be difficult! One of the best tips I could give is to start with something you are familliar with, i.e. a sector you are familliar with or an … [Read More...]

Stop Investment

Playing With the Stock Market: Know When to Call It Quits

Knowing when to call it quits is not as easy as you may think. There are instances when a stock may seem to stop earning a profit only to boom in the following week when you have already sold it. Thus, you should apply the same discipline that you use when you are looking for companies to invest your money in. One way that some investors say to make sure that it is the right time to sell your … [Read More...]

Percentage Returns - Risk

Stock Market Investing: A Note on Derivatives

Some of the biggest money made and lost comes from investing in the derivatives market. What exactly is the derivatives market? Well, to put it simply, derivatives are side bets on stock prices, interest rates, and commodity prices and so on and so forth. Derivatives are a way for investors and companies to control risk on their part. How does the derivative market leverage risk? Well, to … [Read More...]

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